Five big benefits for automating your trade-credit processes.

Imagine every step of your credit management process.

Draw a visual representation in your head. Include all stakeholders involved, all staff, all customers. Now imagine that all being 90% faster, easier and more compliant – congratulations, you have imagined automation!

Making PPSRs a headache-free zone 

The Personal Property Securities Register, most commonly known as the PPSR, is an official government register. If you’re a 1Centre customer and you trade across NZ & AU requiring PPSRs across both countries, this can be very easily set up, managed and maintained on your 1Centre account.  Including an aggregated view of all PPSRs across your business in both countries! 

5 factors to look for in your trade-credit software

We’ve had hundreds if not thousands of conversations with Credit Managers and when it comes to trade-credit software, it seems there’s a focus on the same basic things: Online application forms, credit checks, trade reference checks, yadda yadda. This is a ‘table stakes’ conversation – the basics that any trade-credit software should offer, given it’s… Continue reading 5 factors to look for in your trade-credit software