Watchtower.Opt-in for advanced surveillance.

Harnessing technology to detect, analyse and reveal suspicious credit-customer behaviours.

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Virtual Vigilance at its best

Now you can keep a close eye on
the credit books 24/7.

Watchtower monitors all activity across your trade customer pipeline exposing any patterns or changes that seem untoward or questionable.


Be warned of business status changes like deregistration's or liquidations.


See red flags for suspicious applicant activity like identical IP/emails/identity, phoenixing and more!


Receive instant alerts and task notifications so you can take action to protect your credit book.

Multi-dimensional Insights

This Guardian has one mission,
and that’s to pre-empt any sign of risk.

With 1Centre’s powerful integrated ecosystem, Watchtower collects, processes, and analyses data from multiple sources highlighting unusual patterns.

Now Credit Managers and Sales Teams, can see the unseen.

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Real-time feedback loop

If something’s
NQR, you’re the first
to know.

When Watchtower identifies a potential discrepancy, it communicates with you instantly via alerts and notifications. For safe measure:

  • You are notified instantly of potential risks on your account.
  • Identical account patterns are grouped for you to determine any links.
  • Fraudsters are blocked at inception for the entire 1Centre community.

This enables businesses to take the necessary measures before it’s too late.

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Community Opt-In

A platform built for Collaborative Defense.

You can apply Watchtower exclusively to observe your own customer database and you can also OPT-IN for community monitoring.

By joining the community, you access a third layer of protection. Here, patterns are detected across the entire data network and Watchtower instantly alerts all users about activities like fraudulent accounts that have been blocked, and much more.

  • Analyses: cross referenced trade credit data across hundreds of thousands of entries.
  • Identifies: suspicious patterns and behaviour of applicants.
  • Highlights: potential risks or warning signs across the community.
  • Exposes: Blacklisted (fraudulent) applicants, and are
    blocked for life.
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A collective effort

Credit Managers support each other
with Watchtower.


Over 3 million business records are scanned every minute of every day with Watchtower.

The validity and trustworthiness of all existing and potential customers are scrutinised from the start, to the end, and ongoing.

Rapid Transfer, coming soon ...

Your entire customer
base is audited from
day one.

With 1Centre’s Rapid Transfer feature, all of your customers can be washed at once with Watchtower, giving you an up-to-the-minute view of the risks in your current customer base.

These include director changes, liquidations, deregistrations, credit score decreases, GST registrations … and more.

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