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  • Visibility of pipelines
  • Credit checks
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Decisioning
  • Sales channels
  • Experience scores
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What used to take weeks, now happens
in a moment.

1Centre’s fully governed automated trade data collection and
management system, changes the way you work. This is how you do it …


Digital application forms
(no more paperwork)

Did we also mention no more mistakes? 1C Digital application forms makes onboarding so much easier for prospects. It corrects any errors as you go and you receive all the information you need. Whatever you’re managing - new or existing customers we’ve got you covered. Forms include:

  • Credit Application
  • Cash Application
  • Lead Form
  • Direct Debit Application Form
  • Card Management Form

Multi-factor credit + identity checks (in record speed)

You can relax. 1Centre’s powerful Anti-Fraud automation technology completes identity analysis, proof of life face matching, AI recognition matching, bureau reporting, business registration validation and trade reference checking. Instant de-risking. It’s genius.

  • Credit Checks
  • Trade Referencing
  • Personal Guarantees
  • Anti-Fraud: OCR, AI, Biometrics, ID Verification AML Verification
  • Email logs
  • Document Capturing & Storage

Dynamic decisioning speeds-up the process (no bottlenecks)

Have the right people notified at the right time on any device. 1Centre’s decisioning gateways are configured for automated and human decisioning. No more delays. It’s so good.

  • Pricing & Margin Approvals – available for those internal use fields that need to be captured and approved.
  • 1CAH – 1Centre Approval Hierarchy makes it easy to delegate and track lending authorities across your team.
  • 1CAD – 1Centre Auto Decisioning means you have full control over how automated and manual decisioning rules are applied.

Turn opportunity costs into opportunity profit (as in, today!)

Maximise your onboarding at the point-of-sale. With our omni-channel solutions, you have full visibility of how prospects are finding and engaging with you. These insights allow you to make data driven decisions about where to direct resources and the ROI on spend. It’s brilliant. We collect data from:

  • Website usage
  • Sales teams
  • Locations networks
  • Trade shows
  • Marketing collateral

Enterprise customers can
track data from the entire org-structure
(intelligent workflow.)

1Account configures customer experiences and approval workflows for each legal entity, country, marketing campaign or ‘group targeting’ in your company.


Track multiple legal, sales teams or marketing entities.


Tailor every tier driving your trade business needs.


Configure multiple decisioning points and processes.

No more builds, signoffs or waiting. Instead, you control the risk profile and user experience of every tier in your business ... in real-time.

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Plus, there’s more … 1Centre Add-ons
(tailor it for you).

To ensure your credit team and sales teams are never frustrated again, we have built a series of awesome modules that you can add and tailor your 1Centre subscription to maximise your onboarding experience. These include:

Internal Use Fields Module

Card Management System

Paperless Direct Debit Module

PPSR NZ + AUS Modules

Alerts Module

Customer Feedback Reporting

Customers will be trading on the same day (not weeks).

With a unified workflow you can approve, engage, visualise, and monetise prospects efficiently. Your prospects become customers within the day.

Speed up
credit approval process.


De-risk credit approvals with


Gain full visibility of all prospects through any channel in real time.


Maximise sales opportunities and conversion rates.


Time to grow
revenue just took
a massive leap!


1Centre’s “Your Customer is
our Customer” Service

Great communication and responsive service is better for everyone. That’s why we’ve included an Email Suite & In-Product Notifications that maintain a clear and seamless onboarding process for all involved.






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