3 MORE common sales funnel mistakes

In a previous article, we’ve already covered the common sales funnel mistakes businesses make. These are assuming all leads are equal, confusing leads, and a cumbersome onboarding process. In this article, we look at three more common sales pipeline mistakes that could be costing you precious leads and hampering business growth.

1. Not analysing what’s going wrong

Are you tracking sales pipeline activity and comparing numbers and reps every month? Can you see from your data exactly where leads fall out of the pipeline, or whether certain types of leads convert better than others? If not, then you’ve got to get this sorted immediately.

Most people who don’t have visibility over their sales pipeline are operating an old-fashioned spreadsheet- or paper-based system. The world has moved on and it’s time for you to move on also. There are plenty of solid cloud-based sales pipeline systems available to suit any budget. Your competition use these systems to streamline their pipeline, understand their sales process, remove obstacles for clients, and create successful onboarding. You need to do the same. Contact 1Centre for more information on cloud-based solutions.

2. Filling your sales pipeline with the wrong leads

When you’re seeing disappointing sales number, it always pays to start at the beginning and consider the leads going into the pipeline. Where are they coming from? Are they the right types of clients for your company?

If not, then you may need to re-evaluate your lead-capturing techniques. Are you somehow delivering the wrong messaging on your website or through marketing materials? What keywords are used in targeted ads? What events are you attending? Rethinking your lead gathering techniques can improve your numbers.

3. Failure to set goals

Without specific sales goals that are tied to your company’s growth and strategic plans, even the best analytics and tracking in the world won’t get results. You need to understand what you’re trying to achieve before you go out and achieve it. These are the numbers against which you track your progress.

Together with your sales team, set short- and long-term objectives that are clear and measurable. Track progress through the pipeline and adjust these goals as necessary.

Are you making any of these common sales pipeline mistakes. Contact 1Centre – we can get your sales team running like a well-oiled machine.

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