The importance of visibility in your sales pipeline

When we talk about visibility in your sales pipeline, we mean the ability to dive in at any point along the process and see what’s going on. It’s like driving a car at night – you’ve got to put your headlights on, otherwise, you could be heading right toward a cliff and not even realise it. Knowing what’s going on in your business is invaluable. Why? Let’s find out.

1. It marks you as a professional 

A professional knows what’s going on in their business – with their products/services, with their company, and with their customers. If you’re scrambling to find information and fussing with mountains of paperwork, you look disorganised and old-fashioned to potential clients. Having your sales pipeline organised in a way that enables visibility means you can manage it in a professional way.

2. It enables you to improve 

If we continue the analogy above, driving on a dark highway without your lights on means you don’t see obstacles coming. You don’t get the chance to swerve and avoid them, or turn down a side street, or increase or decrease your speed. Once you illuminate your sales pipeline you can see what’s working and what isn’t, and make adjustments and improvements.

3. It improves your service 

This comes back to point one – professionalism. With visibility in your timeline, you can provide your leads with a superior level of service. You can see when someone hasn’t had a sales call and make sure they get one, look up a client’s details to see what they’ve already discussed, and conduct the credit checks and other onboarding you need to do without bothering the client with stacks of paperwork.

4. It improves efficiency 

With visibility comes discoveries about you leads – namely, who is more likely to convert. Over time you can build a picture of your ideal client. From the start of your process, you can identify leads who fit that profile and direct your sales team’s attention to those accounts. You can prioritize the leads most likely to convert and showcase your superior customers service skills.

5. It enables you to grow 

Visibility gives you the insights you need to see new opportunities and build a solid foundation for growth. You can save hours of admin work and double entry with online tools like 1Centre that improve visibility and pour those saved resources into expansion and innovation.

Also, by building a professional company with a top reputation, you further differentiate yourselves from the competition.

Visibility equals control and confidence. You can rest at the end of the day, safe in the knowledge that you know exactly what’s going on in your business. At the end of the day, even if visibility gave you nothing else, this would make it worthwhile.

How much visibility do you have on your sale pipeline? Find out if 1Centre is right for you.

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