Business Case: Adopting a Trade-Credit Customer Onboarding Platform

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Executive Summary 

Our company is in a highly competitive market, and we need to streamline our customer onboarding process to remain competitive. We propose adopting a Trade-Credit Customer Onboarding Platform to meet this need. This platform will automate and digitise our onboarding processes, reducing manual effort, streamlining workflows, and improving the customer experience. It will also enhance our fraud prevention capabilities and provide a scalable solution for our growth.


Our current customer onboarding process is manual, time-consuming, lacks visibility and prone to errors. As a result, it delays pricing signoffs, the approval process and leads to a poor customer experience and frustrated sales reps. Additionally, our fraud prevention capabilities are limited, which exposes us to financial risks and damages our reputation.


Adopting technology that specialises in Customer Onboarding in Trade, will address these issues. The ideal Trade Customer Onboarding Platform will make onboarding with us easy, and provide ongoing account management functionality to continuously manage and support our customers. Additionally, it will automate Credit Checks, Guarantees, Trade Reference Checking, Document Generation & Storage, and include multiple Decisioning options and subsequent workflows. This platform will automate our onboarding process, eliminating manual effort, reduce errors, and speed up the approval process. It will also provide enhanced fraud prevention capabilities, such as data matching capability, user authentication, document validation, and biometrics. 

Moreover, by digitising our onboarding process, we will offer our customers and staff a better experience, enabling them to Trade with us faster and for our staff the visibility to track live progress.


Adopting a Trade Customer Onboarding Platform will provide our company with several benefits, including:

  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs by streamlining our workflows and reducing manual effort.
  • Improved customer experience by providing a tailored, digital and streamlined onboarding process.
  • Enhanced fraud prevention capabilities that will mitigate financial risks and protect our reputation.
  • Increased scalability to accommodate our growth.
  • Measured user experience scores and first hand feedback.
  • Multiple sales channel options to capitalise on our physical and virtual footprint.
  • Access to valuable insights through data analytics and reporting.


The Trade Credit Customer Onboarding Platform comes at an annual licensing cost of $xx,xxx which includes initially – implementation, account curation for each of our business lines, rollout plan which includes training and ongoing support, and API integration support.  Any costs incurred via third party providers such as Credit Bureaus or PPSR’s is additional and payable when we use these features (PAYG).  As the platform is a SaaS Cloud based platform – there are no build costs, and any improvements and new features are offered to all users of the platform once released into production, ensuring we have access to the latest technology and features always. 

(To get a sense on pricing – click through to 1Centre’s Pricing Page


The proposed investment in a Trade Customer Onboarding Platform will provide our company with significant ROI, including:

  • Increased revenue by reducing the time to onboard trade customers, allowing us to capture new business opportunities faster.
  • Reduced costs by streamlining workflows and reducing manual effort.
  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention, leading to increased revenue and brand loyalty.
  • Fraud mitigation functionality giving us greater control and confidence in our due diligence
  • Improved risk management and compliance, mitigating potential losses.


Adopting a Trade Credit Customer Onboarding Platform is essential for our company’s growth and success and can bring significant returns. In fact, with an expected return of a 30% increase in sales within the first three months (if we decide to turn on all sales channels), the proposed investment will not only provide us with enhanced capabilities, such as fraud prevention and a streamlined onboarding process, but also position us as a leader in our industry and enable us to remain competitive in a highly challenging market. Therefore, it’s an investment worth considering for our business.

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