Checklist for a successful sales pipeline

Checklist for a successful sales pipeline

This checklist is designed to help you organise your sales process and ensure you have all the tools in place to create a streamlined experience for leads and new customers. Depending on the type of business, you will choose only the stages that are required.

Checklist for a successful sales pipeline 1

Initial contact with lead

  • Lead assigned to sales rep.
  • Lead scored based on currently available information.
  • Lead may enter automated sales email/SMS sequence.
  • Sales rep initiates contact:
    • Type of contact may differ depending on the lead score (phone call vs email).
    • Problem identified.
    • Decision-maker identified (or advocate, if decision-maker isn’t able to speak with rep).

Fact-finding/further qualification

  • Qualifying checklist completed.
  • Budget restraints identified.
  • Sales rep identifies decision-making process with lead, and ensures they’re speaking to the right person.
  • Sales rep collects additional information they need.

Solution is developed and presented

  • Sales rep puts together package / deal / onboarding strategy for the lead.
  • Deal is presented to the lead (via email / meeting / phone call)
  • Onboarding process is outlined and defined.
  • Lead suggests amendments or clarifications.
  • Lead confirms decision to proceed.
Checklist for a successful sales pipeline 2

Negotiations / Deal signed

  • Lead reviews / amends your terms and conditions.
  • Negotiations completed.
  • Agreement signed by both parties.


  • Lead status changed to customer.
  • Customer ID is confirmed.
  • Customer enrolled in onboarding sequence.
  • Customer sent accounts / credit check forms to fill in and sign. (If you use 1Centre, this process is automated, saving you hours of chasing up paperwork and manually submitting for credit checks.)
  • Trade reference checks are conducted (this process can also be automated through 1Centre).
  • Initial invoices sent out once payment details have been confirmed.
  • Purchase orders are issued.
  • Finalise implementation plan if required.
  • Check-in appointments / account reviews are booked in calendar.
  • Initial orders are placed.
  • Feedback surveys are sent out.

You can amend this list to fit your own sales pipeline and onboarding process. Whatever your sales process, you should be checking analytics and refining each stage to ensure you’re not leaving money on the table.

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