Case Study: From over $7000 a month in processing costs to under $700

“The Innovative Heart of Hospitality”

– Burns & Ferrall

From over $7000 a month in processing costs to under $700


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Higher percentage of completed applications

Less error-ridden form returns

Lower cost-per-application

More applications submitted per month


40% conversion rate from applications sent to completed

15% increase of money recovered each month

~80% reduction in processing costs

307 applications sent post-pilot

From humble beginnings in 1948 to the leader in customer experience and kitchen expertise, Burns & Ferrall have a long and proud history. 2018 sees them celebrating their 70th anniversary this year and still going strong!

With a huge range of cooking equipment, bakery, glassware, food service and kitchenware items, Burns & Ferrall are the true one stop shop for hospitality, food service and bakery operators.

CEO Tony Broome and his dedicated team are always looking for ways to go that extra mile and continue to delight customers with innovative products, systems and processes.

The Problem

With customers spread across New Zealand and further abroad and with a distributed sales force, the opening, tracking and acceptance of new customer trade terms quickly became an all too familiar pain point between the sales and finance teams.

Too often the application forms would arrive incomplete, incorrectly filled out and sometimes not even signed. So back they would go to the customer, delaying the sales process and frustrating the sales reps, customer and the accounts team.

The Goal

The goal was simple. Find a solution that would help the sales team get back to what they were doing best: working with their incredible customers. Too much time was being spent dealing with application forms and not being able to help the customer with what mattered to them, and it was causing friction between the sales and finance teams.

The solution needed to provide a simple to adapt, simple to use pathway that could connect a geographically diverse customer base with its sales reps, wherever and whenever. It also needed to help the finance team speed up the sales process and make the whole trade credit application process painless.

Our sales team just want to get the account opened, they are there to look after the customer and make the sales happen. Too much time was being spent going between our accounts team and the customer.

Tony Broome, CEO

The Outcome

Fast forward to today and the Burns & Ferrall Sales team couldn’t be happier, cornering CEO Tony Broome to tell him how much they like the 1Centre product and thanking him for implementing the software. Why do you ask? No paper, instant visibility of the application being sent then being able to track it real time through the process eliminating the need to follow up with the finance team.

With so much time saved dealing with new account prospects, Margaret was able to move some of her accounts team to other matters, such as debt collection. Before 1Centre came on board, each application could take up to a couple of weeks, not including errors or mistakes that could require it being resubmitted. Now the process is down to an average of 5.3 days, and in some cases as little as 60 minutes. Previously, the cost of processing applications each month exceeded $7000 but was now down to $700, and both the sales team and customers are raving about it, with the team receiving so much positive feedback at the simplicity of submitting applications.

From CEO Tony’s perspective, 1Centre has done more than just improve the bottom line, it’s improved the whole team’s performance from the ground up and improved department relationships across the board.

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1Centre has removed all the friction from this vital process and everyone benefits! Gone are the email chains between accounts and the sales team, chasing account status and problems. No more will a customer be left waiting for an open account to place an order. 1Centre has taken all of the processes we undertook and wrapped it up into a simple, beautiful platform.

Margaret Chandra, Financial Controller

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