Uncovering the invisible sales pipeline

Uncovering the invisible sales pipeline

When you uncover something new in your business that can give you a competitive edge, it feels a little bit like being an archaeologist, brushing aside layers of sand to reveal glittering jewels.


Nowhere is this more true than in the sales pipeline. Too often, prospects entering the sales pipeline of a company are like grains of sand slipping through your fingers. You can’t tell one from the other. There’s no visibility and no way to organise them.

We see it all the time – sales prospects managed on spreadsheets and stacks of paperwork, sales reps with no clue where each lead is along the process, hunting through emails and text messages to find discarded details, leads slipping away because they’re tired of waiting for information.

There are no glittering jewels to be found here.


Instead, with 1Centre you could have a sales pipeline that looked like this:

  • As soon as a lead enters the funnel, their name and contact details are stored in an app that can be accessed anywhere in the world by any of your reps.
  • As more information is discovered, the lead is scored, a sales call is made, or the lead moves along the pipeline, that information is automatically updated so everyone can see exactly what’s been achieved with any lead in the system.
  • This system manages the onboarding process for leads, including credit checks, just by having the prospect fill in information on an online form. No paperwork going back and forth. No manually ordering checks. It’s done automatically and you can see exactly where each application stands at any one time.
  • Now that you have this visibility, you can draw data from it. For example, using 1Centre data, you might discover that the average conversion rate from sending of an credit application to approval is 40%. You can work on improving that number to get more leads converted, or work at pulling more leads into your pipeline, knowing that 40% will convert.

Because everything is held on this digital system that updates in real time, you’re always looking at the most up-to-date information. As a sales leader, you’re able to understand, monitor and support sales staff to move more leads through the pipe.

That’s the power of visibility – glittering jewels right here in your hands.

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