1Centre - Digital Trade Credit Application Features

Features you will love

  • Digital trade credit application

    Upload your T&C’s and logo. Connect with new customers on the spot.

  • Connections

    Get a complete snapshot of your customers and relationship history e.g. T&C’s and stop credit.

  • Secure

    Secure and store information online. Store your applications online in one place for easy access.

  • Risk management

    Powerful risk management tools that help protect your business. Opt in and out of business credit checks, ID verification, trade reference checks & guarantees.

  • Real-time

    Track the complete end to end process in real-time and action items fast.

  • Performance management

    Track your team’s and individual performance.

  • Reporting

    Consolidated view of all your trade account information. Reporting is available at every level of your business.

  • Fast

    Your customers can complete your application in under 2mins

  • Customer location mapping

    View your customers by location, by Sales Rep.